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Security, Construction, and Remodel Lighting in Hedgesville, WV

Basic Electric Service LLC Provides a One-Stop-Shop for Lighting

Are you looking for security, construction, and remodel lighting in Hedgesville, WV? If so, turn to Basic Electric Service LLC. Electricity is a necessity in our lives today. It powers your entertainment and keeps all your appliances running in your home or business. Having adequate lighting can also keep you and any guests in your home safe from harm. Trust Basic Electric Service LLC for good electrical work by calling at (304) 754-4744 or contacting us online. We are proud to provide free estimates to our customers.

Security Lighting Protects Residents of Hedgesville WV, and Beyond

Installing security lighting around the perimeter of your house, driveway, or walkway can help deter theft. Burglars are drawn to properties with non-lit yards. With a vast supply of security lights, Basic Electric Service LLC can help you choose the right ones. Landscape lighting can also add a nice touch to your property. Residents in and around Hedgesville, WV, trust Basic Electric Service LLC for all their security lighting needs.

Our Electricians Offer Premier New Construction Lighting

Basic Electric Service LLC is your trusted new construction lighting resource. Construction projects take some time to complete. During that time frame, it is imperative to have quality lighting. Our skilled electrical technicians will install adequate lighting that will keep you and your crew safe on the job. Keep your construction project well-lit with Basic Electric Service LLC’s first-rate new construction lighting.

Remodeling Your Home? Be Sure to Brighten Your New Space

Our team of electrical technicians is ready to help with your next remodeling project. Whether you are adding a new space or remodeling an existing one, we can help. We can install places for charging devices, managing wireless networks, lighting fixtures, and much more. Installing lighting during a remodeling project can be dangerous if you do not have prior experience. However, you can make it easier by calling Basic Electric Service LLC today.

We Are Proud to Be a Multi-Skilled Electric Company

Since our inception, we have provided multiple electric services to our customers. In today’s digital world, electricity is a must for anyone. Our electrical technicians pride themselves on being multi-talented. We are proud to provide the following service to our customers:

Basic Electric Service LLC Proudly Serves West Virginia Residents

Customers throughout the state of West Virginia trust our electric work services. We take our customers’ needs very seriously and treat them with the utmost respect. Our technicians pride themselves on professionalism and expertise while serving the following places:

Basic Electric Service, LLC, Hours Of Operation

Basic Electric Service opens for business from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. We work by appointment only on Saturday and Sunday.

Basic Electric Service is fully licensed and insured. We dedicate ourselves to quality, safe electrical contractor work for our valued customers!

Basic Electric Service, LLC

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